by Tony Phan, April 2021

NAV client crashes on cursor over taskbar item

Fix an annoying crash when your cursor is over the Windows taskbar item.


To be honest, I didn't figure this out myself, I found the solution online.  It was such a simple solution so I didn't bother to note it.  Unfortunately, I can't recall where I found the solution, so I can't give credit for it, but, today, I ran into the issue again because something reset my settings.  It took me a while, with some trial and error to figure it out again so I thought I put it here to help others and, even myself, in the future.

Open the Properties window

Right-click the shortcut to the NAV client and choose Properties.  Select the Compatibility tab and click on the Change high DPI settings.

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DPI Settings

In the DPI settings window, check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior.  Scaling performed by:"

Choose System and click OK.

That's it, that simple!

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