Most companies love automation but few take advantage of it. Why? Simply put, it’s because they don’t recognize what can be automated or realize the benefits of what a few simple automations can do. Indeed, not everything can be automated, which is actually a good thing, but what can be automated is rapidly changing with the onset of Artificial Intelligence. The craze and the fear is that AI will eventually replace and displace many workers. While we do not condone it, we certainly do not want to be a part of that revolution. But how can you remain competitive if you do not accept the concept? We believe that AI can and will eventually replace many jobs, even ours! Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it, and might not even want to. However, we do want to slow it down, to give people time to transition. How will we do that? By automating some but not all their tasks, making them more efficient and useful, offsetting the costs and value of being replaced by AI. We don’t want to replace them, we want to enable them. We believe, by helping users achieve the near efficiency of AI, we can displace the need or attractiveness for an AI replacement.

We can help you stay competitive, maybe even beat the competition, simply by helping you and your workers become more efficient at their job; through the automation of some of their daily tasks. You do not need to know how or what can be automated, that’s our job! So long as you see a task your employee does on a daily or weekly basis, no matter how big or small, give us a shot and we’ll see if we can improve it. This will be at no cost to you unless we can prove it!

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