An exceptionally nice thing about Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that it is extremely customizable. Even their standard interfaces can be altered to fit your preference. Be it to add more functionality, decluttering by removing unused functionality, or setting permissions on particular fields to limit functionality, all can be done with ease.

If this wasn’t enough, NAV allows you to create, fully integrate, and host your own proprietary system right inside its platform. Add your own tables to store data, codeunits and pages to manipulate the data, plus reports. This will help ease the learning curve since it can take advantage of NAV's core operational features and appear as if it was a NAV feature. Be it from an Excel sheet, an Access database, or some other software systems, we can help you accomplish this.

Please use our contacts page and reach out to our Development team to see how they can help.

How often do we find a car that comes with all the accessories that we want or need? The short answer is, not often! So don't be afraid to customize your NAV, learn to love it, treat it like your dream car and customize it to your taste! Take advantage of what it has to offer. Customization