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Features Free Basic Professional Enterprise
Number of users 5 users 25 users 75 users Unlimited
Drag and drop files from File Explorer directly into NAV
Drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook directly into NAV
Automatic attachment extraction from email and zip files
Dynamic folder creation based on the record's contents
(e.g. /Sales Invoice/Customer Name/Year/Invoice No./)
Save documents to Local Network, SharePoint, or Azure
Keep links and documents synchronized by deleting corresponding document when links are deleted
Capture snapshots of the record in PDF for historical reference
Email, Export, Print reports and attachments together
Set document prefixes for easier identification, selectable when printing and exporting
Convert popular document types to PDF
Selectively merge popular document types into a single PDF
Preview and selectively choose the documents to save with a built-in viewer for popular documents
Dynamically update page fields from the document viewer
Installation and setup assistance 5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages
Email support response 3-7 business days 1-3 business days 24 hours 24 hours