Objects Manager Edition & Features

Free for all but with limited capabilities.
This license may be used at 1 site, for 1 client only.
Per User Subscription Price
Find Differences
Find objects pending transfer by differences in modified date or size.
3 Months $15.00
6 Months $24.00
12 Months $45.00
Advance Find
Find where a function may be referenced or where a Control Add-in may be used by searching codes in all objects.
Search results are limited to the first 10 rows only.
Limit 10
Where Used
See where an object is referenced or used.
Search results are limited to the first 10 rows only.
Limit 10
Code Comparison
See differences between Development and Test/Live environments.
Raw Code Comparison
See raw code differences between Development and Test/Live environments without the need for importing from text.
Object Transfer
Quickly and easily transfer objects from Development to Test/Live environments.
Batch Transfer
Transfer multiple objects at once.
Transfer History
See when an object was transferred and by who.
Limit 3 Unlimited
Source Control
Keep track of differences between each transfer to Live, compare differences, download fob, restore objects, etc.
Limit 3 Unlimited
Documentation Changes
Automatically extract and display differences in documentation between Development and Live for a quick overview of changes.
Public and Private Notes
Project Management, Time Tracking, and Collaboration
Manage projects, associate objects, track time, and collaborate, all within the application.
Limited to 5 open projects at a time.
Limit 5
Email support response 3-7 business days 24 hours