Objects Manager Edition & Features

Free for all but with limited capabilities.
This license may be used at 1 site, for 1 client only.
This license may be used at multiple sites, for multiple clients.
Find Differences
Find objects pending transfer by differences in modified date or size.
Advance Find
Find where a function may be referenced or where a Control Add-in may be used by searching codes in all objects.
Where Used
See where an object is referenced or used.
Code Comparison
See differences between Development and Test/Live environments.
Raw Code Comparison
See raw code differences between Development and Test/Live environments without the need for importing from text.
Object Transfer
Quickly and easily transfer objects from Development to Test/Live environments.
Batch Transfer
Transfer multiple objects at once.
Transfer History
See when an object was transferred and by who.
Limit 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Source Control
Keep track of differences between each transfer to Live, compare differences, download fob, restore objects, etc.
Limit 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Documentation Changes
Automatically extract and display differences in documentation between Development and Live for a quick overview of changes.
Public and Private Notes
Project Management, Time Tracking, and Collaboration
Manage projects, associate objects, track time, and collaborate, all within the application.
Email support response 3-7 business days 24 hours 24 hours