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Bring NAV's Record Links to life with Live Links, a feature rich Document Management add-on with built-in document viewing and conversion capabilities. View Word, Excel, PDF, and popular image documents without leaving NAV. Supports drag and drop, automatic attachment extraction from email and zip compressed files, automatic conversion of email and other popular file types to PDF, PDF file merging, and much more.

  • Tired of having to manage your folder structures and naming conventions for saving files before creating links?
  • Frustrated with broken links caused by accidental deletion or file moves?
  • Need the ability to save to SharePoint or Azure File Storage?
  • Want to be more efficient and save time?
  • Need the ability to Email, Export, Print reports and links together?
  • Concerned about and want to adhere to NAV standards to avoid costly upgrades?
Not only will our control address your problems and concerns, it adds a host of features to help you work more efficiently.
  • Works with your existing links. [1]
  • Drag/Drop files directly into NAV with automatic conversion of popular file formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, Images, etc. to PDF. [2]
  • Drag/Drop emails and attachments from Outlook directly into NAV with automatic conversion to PDF. [2]
  • Automatic attachment extraction from email and zip files.
  • Convert and merge multiple files into a single PDF. [3]
  • Automatic folder creation, dynamically structured based on the record/page's contents.
  • A built-in viewer to view popular file types and at the same time, dynamically update page fields so you don't have to switch back and forth. [3]
  • Work in a temporary workspace to view/edit files with the ability to selectively choose the documents you want to save. [3]
  • Single-click snapshot archiving with unlimited versions.
  • Secure documents by allowing users to delete their own links only, but allow Power users to delete anyone's link.
  • Keep your folders clean by deleting the corresponding file, when the link is deleted.

Our add-on is designed to work interchangeably and seamlessly with NAV's existing Links system, no conversion is necessary. Removing it is just as easy as adding it so give it a try, see how it can save you time and money! Best of all, if you decide you're not ready to commit, you can still use it as a scaled-down, free version!

Following in NAV's footsteps, we give our customers the flexibility to customize their solution to fit their particular needs. Edit our FactBox to add more abilities or to limit some. Customers will need to have the code customization license from Microsoft or they can have it customized through their partners. Don't want to spend more on customizations? Reach out to our development department with your needs. If we deem the customization to be useful to our customers, we will make the change and give it out to you and everyone who has a current maintenance plan, free of charge!

  • 1. Works with existing record links only if the links are accessible from the Windows File Explorer.
  • 2. Automatic conversion is available only under the Basic, Professional, and Enterprise editions.
  • 3. This option is available only under the Professional and Enterprise editions.

Please visit our User Guide to learn more.

Please see our Installation Video to see how easy it is to install our control.

Please note that this control supports the Windows client only.
The supported versions of NAV are 2016 thru 2018.